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We would welcome a chat with anybody who would like to become an Ambassador at Halbro.

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The My Name’5 Doddie Foundation (MNDF) vision is simple. A World Free of MND.

MNDF is committed to raising funds to aid research into the causes of Motor Neuron Disease and investigate potential cures. Furthermore, help improve the lives of those affected by Motor Neuron Disease. We help to fund grants, giving considerable sums to our friends at MND Association and MND Scotland to administer to individuals and families living with MND.

Doddie’5 personal tartan was designed by the Scotland Shop, specifically to support MNDF. The blue and white within the tartan represent the colours of Scotland, and the black and yellow are the colours of Doddie’s Borders club, Melrose RFC.

Halbro Sportswear worked closely with MNDF to achieve a faithful match of the tartan across the MNDF clothing range.


Happiness is Egg Shaped is growing. There is merchandise, blogs, educational talks, after dinner speeches, Christmas Carols and all sorts of other rugby related nonsense. I love it all and feel very grateful that others seem to like it too!

My Happiness is Egg Shaped. I played (slowly!), I coach, I support, I coach educate, I read about it, talk about it, think about it and quite often even dream about it. Since Happiness is Egg Shaped has come into being on Facebook, then Twitter and now here on the internet, I have realised that I am certainly not alone! Many others have been infected by this great game too, like me, for life!

Alix Popham

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Our goal is to create a safe space for our sporting heroes, past, present and future that suffer from sports-related brain injuries and connect with the best brains in science and research to make positive change.